Hire Dedicated Resource / Staff Augmentation

The Benefits of outsourcing are many and one of them is hiring dedicated resources for your work which gives advantage over hiring a permanent in-house staff. Staff Augmentation is a sure way to maximize productivity and profitability since you get maximum output.

Superconinfo’s team of dedicated, skilled and proficient developer’s work only on your projects and at your given directions. You can directly coordinate and monitor dedicated resources work. You can hire a full time or part time individual or a virtual team as per your requirement.

Superconinfo has highly qualified and talented staff, from which you can Hire Web Developers, Dedicated PHP Developer,.Net Developers, Dedicated SEO Executives, PHP Programmer, AJAX Developers . When you opt for staff augmentation with Superconinfo, you manage your project and your team dedicated to you without the worry of infrastructure, recruitment and retention, administration and so on.

Following benefits

1. Excellent infrastructure.

2. Well defined processes.

3. Recruitment by international certified recruiter.

4. Intellectual Property Right with the client.

Following benefits

5. Your complete control and involvement through chat and voice conferencing.

6. Experienced and highly skilled management team to look after your projects and resources dedicated to you.

7. Complete protection with firewall, password, and encryption.

8. You decide the type resources you want.